Monday, 17 March 2014


monday turkey hash

1 packet of turkey breast meat cut into smallish pieces
1 leek cut into strings
1 stick celery as thinly sliced as possible
a handful of mushrooms cut up
1 clove garlic
sprinklings of dried tarragon, salt with dried mushrooms in, black pepper
dijon mustard
sour cream
1 tsp veg stock powder + water
mashed sweet potato

Quick write this down before pointless starts... you've got eight, no seven, minutes...
first of all, smell the turkey (I make Mum smell it as she has the definitive standards for off food) and make sure it's ok, then cut it into small pieces.
fry in a small amount of neutral oil (eg grapeseed/canola/rapeseed) until it is slightly browned. I use grapeseed oil because I think that doesn't burn.
Next I added the leek strings and some finely chopped celery and just sort of shoved it round the pan until it softened. Sprinkled in a big pinch of salt with dried porcini mushrooms in it, and a bit of dried tarragon, then I remembered I hadn't put in a garlic clove, so I added a pinch of garlic granules instead. Stirred through about 2 tsps of strong dijon mustard which had come in the post, part of the mustard collection, and a tsp of veg stock powder and a wine glass of water. I let it bubble a bit (about 5-10 mins) until it got thicker. Finally, I threw in a tablespoon of sour cream - all that was left in the pot, a small handful of chopped parsley and a bit black pepper. I ate it with mashed sweet potato and it was delicious

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