Monday, 6 February 2012

Pauper's soup

When it is so freezing cold and there is no food and no money (and no hope!) I am inclined to make this kind of pauper's soup. It is certainly the warmest and most filling 12p meal I can imagine and it makes me feel capable and vaguely wartime-ish, or at the very least, some way towards being as Irish as I claim.

I had one rasher of bacon left so I cut it into small pieces and fried it in a small amount of oil.
Then chopped one onion and half a stick of celery, chucked them in with the bacon and fried until they began to soften.
I Peeled the green skin and alien eyes off a large potato chopped it up into small pieces and put that in the pan.
After about 7 minutes I poured in a pint of boiling water mixed with a vegetable stock cube some green peppercorns and some old parsley stalks.
This simmered away until I considered it to have reduced enough, about 15 mins? 5 minutes before the end I threw in a handful of frozen peas.
Then I smashed roughly with a potato masher until things had come together a bit more and made a thicker texture, and ate it too quickly scalding my mouth. Just like old times. It was delicious.

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