Monday, 17 March 2014

No Teef

I had a wisdom tooth removed on thursday and ever since have been reclining forlornly in my bed of pain unable to eat anything but slurry and taking a lot of painkillers scavenged from years-old bathroom cabinet supplies. Clementine, like a sister of mercy, made me some delicious healing jelly. This is her story:

" ok, do you want to tell it?
I went to Tesco to buy your tragedy pack ie mush. which consisted of jelly, banana, tinned peaches, raspberries, a flake yoghurt and Tatler. then I came home. 
If you really want it detail for detail, I went into your room and asked you what fruit you wanted which took some time, one of the harder decisions of your day. peaches and bananas it tuned out.
- I got the measuring jug and put jelly cubes into it (obviously not the whole big).
- Poured half a pint of boiling water on it, stirred it with a fork - felt like that was right - 
then when all the little cubes were no longer, I poured half a pint of cold water into the hot water mix to make one full pint. *coughs*
- then, mum was sitting outside because it was sunny, on the little table by the horse's head. I decided to ask her which bowl I should use. And whether I could put fruit in the mixture or into the bowl first and pour the jelly on top (!!!) There was some confusion and we just stood in the garden in silence, puzzling over it. then she exhaled gruffly and came inside and we thought we should chop up the banana and put it into the bowl (which was TOO SMALL MUM) then I decided to put the peaches in separately one bit by bit. 
- I regretted not putting them in a lovely design. 
- I got mum to put it in the fridge so i wouldn't spill it on myself and we had to move all your stupid spinach and kale.
- It set after three hours and then I gave it to you when you were at your lowest ebb and your nearly choked on it and spat it back out. "

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