Sunday, 5 February 2012

cooking with lads

i was like good gracious....i can't buy fish in brighton! but it's where the sea lives! so i went to a restaurant and asked for 4 breams to impress some women.
I was wearing sunglasses and cycling around on my 34 year old peugeot bicycle. in brighton where i live, it's not just for mods and gays any more. it's actually quite cool. i asked some next brer, some top nerd, the peakest egg, where i could find some fresh fish.

"he'a the greatest dancer, i woinder why!!!!"

I got 4 breams. from riddle and finn in meeting house lane. which is....phwer au uhh in the lanes. next to the tramp who makes origami.

paolo wanchope and rest of costa rica fc got promoted that day. yikes.


ok so anyway, i wasn't allowed to build a fire in our garden, there were noise complaints, we had this party. the police came.

say something about that little tchuchi man josh cook not letting me build a fire indoors, even though like, fred does it, like every day. THANKS MUM! yeah we gon git him.

(don't be threatenin, we'll getdone over")

so my 4 breams. lined them up then salted them by putting salt on my hands then slapping them. and oily. oh then we made a drink. not a drink. a sauce. lemon juice, a bit of balsamic something, like vinegar but like a paste. in a tube. some crushed up capers, some salt and some pepper. some rosemaries and some thyme. we crushed all that up into a thing, then i covered the fish. we put 2 slices lemon and 2 cloves of garlic in one, a few capers, didn't count them, don't care. time was tight. ladies be arriving
a bit of chilli.
then,wrapped them up each in a little tin foil house, put them in all ext to each other. 4 little friends.
then i baked them, on a really high heat. prolly like a million or something. according to the interweb it was half an hour, which was brass, farily brass, because it was actually fiddy and they were perfect.

done me proud.

i was like chelsea last season, no mata. no juan mata.

then georgie made a salad, but i don't know how she did it.

it was with the fish paste thing. yeah marinade. but she enhanced it with some boiled potatoes. and it was banging. and we drank ribena. if you care.

and josh painted his room. but as you now know, josh is a pig egg. actually i can't say that twice, scrap that, josh cook aka super-mild dyspraxic.

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