Monday, 3 March 2008

Tomato sauce


I discovered this sauce one evening when my husband, W, had found some beefburgers round the corner in the local butcher (‘lovely lovely beefburgers, no e-numbers at all or hormones, from a very very happy free range cow’ he assured me) and fed them to the children (‘sick mum, the best supper we’ve had in ages’). By the time I got home, there was one left, cold. I put it in a casserole dish with two large tomatoes, the remains of a bottle of red wine and some pepper and cooked it (160c) while I boiled two or three new potatoes. When the tomatoes had split and were bubbling in the wine, I removed the skins and the beefburgers, stirred in a bit of cream, put the beefburger back and returned the casserole to the oven while I crushed the potatoes (lightly mash with a large amount of butter and pepper).
The tomato sauce was absolutely delicious, completely extinguishing the hormonal beefburger. Later, I realised I could have improved the sauce by sticking in a couple of cloves of garlic and in fact I did this when we next had it with baked sausages (put a couple of unpeeled cloves into the casserole with the tomatoes, take out when you remove the skins, and squeeze the soft, oozing garlic into the tomatoes and stir in the cream)

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