Monday, 18 February 2008

Bastard Risotto


Inspired to make comforting sunday night risotto by Lucas Hollweg in Style magazine and had to use up the leftover roast chicken as it was emanating such a powerful smell that it was causing boyfriend fridge-opening apprehension.
Ransacked local Turkish supermarket with £3 and bought one lonely carrot, some celery, a handful of sad-looking mushrooms, small UHT single cream and managed to wheedle a few stems of flat leaf parsley for free from suspicious shopkeeper.
Watching American Idol in background, I picked apart chicken (feeling much like Simon Cowell) and put on stock (4 pints of water over chicken carcass, half onion with skin on, sad carrot and celery, at which boyfriend immediately becomes filled with pretend allergy related rage at celery's inclusion in dish)
Followed bastardised version of Jamie Oliver's recipe as had no white wine, parmesan, risotto rice or garlic, but still good thanks to free parsley and garlicky pre-roasted chicken.

* heat stock
*fry finely chopped onion and celery ("Nooo!") in butter and oil to stop burning
* when down (onion is translucent) add rice and stir to ensure all is coated in oil
* add ladleful of stock to calm sizzling (add white wine or vermouth usually but new poverty has rendered impossible)
*stir slowly letting liquid cook off and adding another ladle of stock each time it does so
*carry on until rice is cooked, about 20 minutes, keep checking.
* add salt pepper, some chopped parsley, chicken meat, and mushrooms- chopped
*keep stirring slowly until last liquid has soaked up then stir in some cream and sprinkle last of parsley on top.
*boyfriend will then refuse to eat due to afore-mentioned celery content. consume all.

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